2008 Myaamiaki Conference

myaamia neepwaantiinki, ‘Myaamia Education’

March 29th, 2008

The Marcum Conference Center at Miami University, Oxford OH

The 2008 Myaamiaki Conference was the third conference hosted at Miami University discussing research conducted by the Miami Tribe community. 130 people came to the Oxford campus to visit and listen to six presenters and two panels speaking on a variety of topics. You can download the conference poster here as a PDF.

Dr. David Costa –  Miami-Peewaalia Winter Stories within Algonquian

Dr. Tim McCoy  –  Making Science Relevant in Myaamia Education using Earth-Sky words and stories

Student Panel  –  My Education at Miami University: Tribal Student Perspectives (Young, Long, Mowery)

Andrew Strack  –  Connecting the Myaamia Community through Electronic Media

Dr. Wes Leonard  –  Tribal Participation and Tribal Connection: A report on the eewansaapita Language Camp

George Ironstrack  –  I come from the Miami Schoolhouse, there we say, “I teach because I learn.”

Joshua Sutterfield  –  Cultural Resource Management and its Role in Tribal Education

Parent Panel  –  Myaamia Home Education: Parent Perspectives (Tippmann, Garza, Sutterfield)

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