2010 Myaamiaki Conference

Technology: Evolving Tools that Connect our Lives

March 20th, 2010

The Shriver Center Multi-Purpose Room at Miami University, Oxford Ohio

The 2010 Myaamiaki Conference was the fourth conference hosted at Miami University discussing research conducted by the Miami Tribe community. Over 75 people attended the 2010 Myaamiaki conference. They enjoyed several presentations on how technology is influencing the effort to revitalize Myaamia language and culture.

There were seven presentations on a variety of projects. The agenda is listed below. You may also download the conference poster as a PDF.  We did have audio difficulties during the first few presentations, but improves during the ‘Smart Pen Home Learning Kit’ presentation, and the remaining lectures.

Watch the presentations on our Youtube Channel!

9:15 Introduction/Welcome. Daryl Baldwin, Director, Myaamia Project.

9:25 Computer Science (CSA) projects – an introduction. Dr. Douglas Troy, Chair & Professor Dept. Computer Science and Systems Analysis.

9:30 Smart Pen Technology. Mr. Victor Obonyo, graduate student CSA.

Smart Pen Home Learning Kit. CSA capstone. James Kelly, Kyle Swaffar, Ben Warman.

10:15 Myaamia Akincikonki: learning to count in Myaamia. Software engineering class project. Nick Hample, Tom Campbell.

10:40 myaamiaki iiši meehtohseeniwiaanki: How the Myaamia People Live – a Myaamia exhibit media project. Megan Dorey, Archivist, Myaamia Heritage Museum & Archive; Andrew J. Strack, Media Specialist, Myaamia Project.

11:00 Myaamia Exhibit Online. CSA Capstone. Chris Edester, Chris Mazzocco, Phil Osment, Brent Mowery.

11:20 ašiikiwi neehi kiišiwki: Earth & Sky curriculum. Dr. Timothy McCoy, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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