Announcing the Myaamia Center!

In February of 2013, Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma launched a joint effort called the Myaamia Center at Miami University. The new Myaamia Center will carry forward the work of language and cultural revitalization that began through the Myaamia Project 11 years ago.

A relationship born from the intersecting paths of their history, the Miami Tribe and Miami University are intrinsically linked through more than just the shared name — Miami. They are also linked through treaty and removal events that significantly altered the tribe’s future and continue to challenge the American story. Although past events cannot be altered, the realities of today are being shaped and molded by a willingness by both entities to reach out to a new generation of youth. This unique collaboration is captured in the Myaamia term used to express this relationship: neepwaantiinki “learning from each other.” According to Miami University President David Hodge: “Bound by our common roots, we seek to learn from and contribute to each other. We are very proud of our deep connections to each other.” Read more