2014 Myaamiaki Conference – Announcement

maamawi aanciniikiyankwi neehi aancihtaakiiyankwi: Together We Grow and Change
6th biennial Myaamiaki Conference at Miami University

Saturday, March 15, 2014
The Shriver Center Multi-Purpose Room at Miami University, Oxford Ohio

Pre-Registration for the 2014 Myaamiaki Conference has closed! Please register with the Registration Desk at the Conference site. Thanks!

2014 Conference Poster-FINALwebWe are proud to announce the Myaamiaki Conference hosted at Miami University presenting research related to the Miami Tribe.  The list of speakers and their presentations is below. Please read below for details on campus and parking information! Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

2014 Myaamiaki Conference Speakers

9:00 AM Daryl Baldwin & Haley Strass  Introductions and Opening Song. 

9:30 AM George M. Ironstrack  keešiniihkihankwiki kati aancihtaakiaki – We Will Raise Changemakers.
Myaamia Center at Miami University, Assistant Director – Education and Outreach Office.

10:00 AM Molly Uline-Olmstead iši meehtohseeniwiyankwi aatotamankwi: aacimwaapiikwi neepwaayoni wiikiaaminki neehi neepwaantiikaaninki. – Telling our story: A Digital Resource for the Home and Schools.
Project Director, Ohio Historical Society

10:30 AM Susan Mosley-Howard & Kate Rousmaniere niila myaamia – I Am Miami: The impact of the Miami University experience on the Myaamia student.
Professor & Myaamia Center Faculty Affiliate; Professor & Myaamia Center Faculty Affiliate

11:15 AM Cameron Shriver niiyaaha minooteeninki weeyaahkiaani, naahpa šaakoteeki:  iši meehtohseeniwiyankopa 1790s aatotamankwi – I live there in the village, but it was burned: myaamia history in the 1790s.
Graduate Student,
 Department of History, Ohio State University

11:45 AM Scott Shoemaker  iilaataweentiiyankwi – We speak a common language to one another: The language and landscape of Miami ribbonwork.
Ph.D., Research Assistant, Department of Ethnology, Science Museum of Minnesota 

12:15 – 1:45 wiihsinitaawi maayaahkweeta – Let’s eat lunch.  Lunch is not provided this year. Restaurant information will be included in your packet at registration.

2:30 PM Wesley Y. Leonard weeciilantiiyankwi – Helping Each Other: The Myaamia Role in the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages
Associate Professor of Native American Studies
, Southern Oregon University

3:00 PM Meghan Dorey & Kimberly Tully kinepwaayoneminaani keekiihamankwi nakaani mahsinaakanenkonci –  Reviving Our Knowledge From Old Records; Digitizing Archival Records for the Miami Tribe.
Archivist, Myaamia Heritage Museum & Archive; Special Collections Librarian, Walter Havighurst Special Collections at Miami University

3:30 PM Andrew J. Strack & Dr. Douglas Troy metimankwiki kimehšoominaanaki – we follow our ancestors trail: Sharing historical myaamia language documents across myaamionki.
Myaamia Center at Miami University, Technology and Publications Office & Miami University’s College of Engineering and Computing

4:00 PM David J. Costa iiši-šaašihkihpinahtoonki kaloosiona –  Word Order in Myaamia
Myaamia Center at Miami University, Office of Language Research

Campus and Parking Information

Miami University – Oxford Campus Map

Miami University – Oxford Parking Information 

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