2016 Myaamiaki Conference Announced

aya ceeki!

The 7th Biennial Myaamiaki Conference will be hosted at Miami University, Saturday, April 2, 9:00AM-4:00PM, in the Shriver Center Dolibois Rooms.

The conference will present current research and other topics related to the Miami Tribe.  This year’s theme is eempaapiikinamankwi kineepwaayoneminaani (We pick up the threads of our knowledge)

Presentations will be given by Myaamia Center staff, Miami University graduates, and members of the Miami Tribe.

We ask that all participants individually register for this event.

Visit the 2016 Myaamiaki Conference Information page for more information!


Announcing the 2014 Myaamiaki Conference!

We are proud to announce the 6th biennial Myaamiaki Conference hosted at Miami University presenting research related to the Miami Tribe.  The conference, titled “maamawi aanciniikiyankwi neehi aancihtaakiiyankwi: Together We Grow and Change” will be held at Miami University on Saturday, March 15, 2014. Visit the 2014 conference web page to register, find hotel information and see preliminary speaker information!