Communication and Publications

The Communication & Publications Office develops the technological means by which information and materials are distributed to the widespread Myaamia community.  It also documents the Miami Tribe’s activities (through photography, videography, and publications of various formats) while assisting with the planning and execution of these activities.

Other ongoing projects include providing information technology support for the Myaamia Center, and exploring technological aspects of language learning & culturally informative tools that can be used by indigenous people.

With such varied responsibilities and tasks, the Communications & Publications office interfaces with the other offices of the Myaamia Center and Miami Tribe of Oklahoma in many interesting and often unexpected ways.

Visit the Publications page to read more!

Research & Development

Recovering Voices Indigenous Digital Archive (RVIDA) – continuation of beta testing
The RVIDA project, a collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution’s Recovering Voices program, aims to to create a digital archiving tool that can be used by indigenous communities working to revitalize their language and culture from documentation.

Myaamia Dictionary (iOS, Android, web) – maintenance, data entry
The Myaamia language learning tools are currently in a solid state of function and reliability, but there are always opportunities for improvement!

Miami-Illinois Digital Archive (MIDA) – maintenance, data entry, expansion of functionality
MIDA is currently being used by the Language Research Office to enter data from the various sources of documentation for myaamiaataweenki, the myaamia language.  As more data is entered, more changes are needed to keep it running efficiently and better than it was before.

Office Staff

Jonathan Fox, Director
Alexander Stahl – Graduate Assistant, Computer Science

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