Cultural Ecology

The mission of the Cultural Ecology Office is to explore and interpret a Myaamia ecological perspective.  This is accomplished through a variety of research initiatives that reclaim ecological understandings, practices, and knowledge that serve the Myaamia community today.  Myaamia ecological knowledge (MEK) is derived from many sources, including the vast historical and linguistic record, living community members, research outcomes, and directly from re-engagement in ecological practices.  These combined efforts continually shape our understanding of our historic and contemporary connection to the many places Myaamia people call home.The outcomes of this work directly contribute to our ongoing educational program development within the tribal community.  Youth language and cultural programs are typically embedded with MEK and are encouraged to practice culturally appropriate interactions with the land.

Current initiatives include:

  • Ethnobotany
  • Traditional foods and diet
  • Corn and other agricultural genetics research for preservation
  • Understanding sustainable environmental practices
  • Lunar calendar development and maintenance
  • Environmental and cultural education


Research & Development


Office Staff

Daryl Baldwin, Acting Director

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