Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach office develops educational models, materials, and programs that specifically address the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s language and culture educational needs.  The office also coordinates the Myaamia Heritage Program for Myaamia undergraduates at Miami University who attend the university with the support of the Myaamia Heritage Award. This program includes a three-course series on Contemporary Issues and Sovereignty, History and Cultural Ecology, Language and Culture, and concludes with a two-semester long senior project.

The Education and Outreach office works with the general Miami University community by visiting classrooms and collaborating with professors who incorporate Myaamia language and culture into their courses. Support is also provided for K-12 educators throughout the Midwest by making Myaamia educational materials available to public educators in a variety of ways.

Research & Development

Eewansaapita and Saakaciweeta 2018 curriculum planning.
The theme for 2018 is weecinaakiiyanki weecikaayankwi ‘we sing and dance together.’ Research and planning related to the theme is ongoing.

Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia
An interdisciplinary curriculum for 4th through 12th grades (public). This site in undergoing continued beta testing and is currently seeking to identify and respond to new educational needs related to Myaamia lifeways.  This can be accessed at

keehkaapiišamenki: A History of the Allotment of Miami Lands in Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Progress regarding the research and publications tied to this project can be found here and here

A History of the Allotment of Miami Lands in Kansas 
Research and writing for this project is ongoing with planned release in 2018

Language in the Home Initiative
Research and planning is underway for the 2018 launch of a pilot group for greater support of language learning in Myaamia homes.

Office Staff

George Ironstrack, Director
Kristina Fox, Education and Outreach Assistant

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