Faculty affiliates studying effect of self-identity on college success

Myaamia Center faculty affiliates Susan Mosley-Howard and Kate Rousmaniere have been studying the effect of self-identity on college success.  They presented at the 2014 Myaamiaki Conference on their progress, and recently Miami University’s Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship wrote an article about their work.

“Rousmaniere and Mosley-Howard say the literature in the field shows the issue of self-identity is key to the college success of Native students globally, not just on the U.S. mainland, but also in Hawaii, New Zealand, and other societies.

“Even though we can’t say it’s a direct causal relationship,” says Mosley-Howard, “there’s evidence that students who are exposed to their cultural context – whatever it is – have more positive outcomes.”

Visit the OARS blog to read the article!

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