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Myaamia Center in the News


April 19 – How to Resurrect a Lost Language

Apr 3 – 2017 Miami University Commencement Guest Daryl Baldwin

Mar 10 – Daryl Baldwin, James Tobin headline the Michael J. Colligan History Project lectures

Feb 28 – Myaamia Center and Tribe Explore Tech Needs

Feb 2 – Miami ‘genius grant’ winner tapped for commencement address

Feb 1 – University President joins Miami Stomp Dance

January 30 – Miami “genius grant” winner Daryl Baldwin to address graduates May 13


December 16 – North America’s native languages get higher education boost

November 16 – Cultural Rejuvenation

November 7th – Native American Linguist Wins $625,000 ‘Genius Grant’

October 27 – Breathing life back in to language

September 22 – Myaamia Center Director Daryl Baldwin named 2016 MacArthur Fellow

September 15 – Knowing their tribal identity helps Native American students succeed

August 18 – Miami’s Myaamia Center receives NSF grant for “Breath of Life” project


July 17 – Summer camp organized by Miami’s Myaamia Center includes language, culture and fun

Jun 10 – Miami-Smithsonian agreement gives language revitalization a stronger future

Mar 23 – Daryl Baldwin and the Myaamia Center are regrowing the Myaamia language


August 29 – Daryl Baldwin on Breath of Life grant

August 26 – Miami’s Myaamia Center awarded NSF grant for “Breath of Life” project

February 12 – Myaamia Center to revitalize a traditional craft through the Ribbonwork Project


March 5 – Miami’s Myaamia Project becomes Myaamia Center

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