Miami Tribe and Miami University

Over the years, a thriving and mutually enriching relationship has developed between Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma existing on many levels: institutional and official, academic, and interpersonal. Officially, the Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the University liaison with the Miami Tribe. That office designates a Student Affairs staff member to maintain close communication with a liaison from the Tribe to coordinate the varied activities that occur between the University and the Tribe, both in Oxford, Ohio and in Miami, Oklahoma.

More recently there has been a growing interest in developing academic projects with the Tribe. It is useful to envision that each activity, project, class, and/or visit is one piece of a much broader, continuously developing relationship. It is the University’s intent to maintain this relationship into the future at the same deliberate level as has been occurring over the past several decades.

To do that adequately, there is a need to intentionally plan and monitor the activities that are in existence as well as any others that may evolve into future projects. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to become better informed about the history of the relationship that exists and to explore making current connections. Anyone interested in more information about the Miami Tribe or associating with them should contact Bobbe Burke, Coordinator of Relations/Activities with the Miami Tribe. Also, visit the new Miami Tribe Relations website here for more information about the relationship between the Tribe and University.

Miami Nation University FeathersThe Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, for whom Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is named, created the logo to the left to represent the special relationship that has developed between the Nation and the University over many years. The Eagle feather represents the Nation; the Red Tail Hawk feather represents the University. The red string that ties the two feathers together is symbolic of the trust and respect that is the foundation of this unique partnership.

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