Myaamia Ribbonwork Book

peepankišaapiikahkia eehkwaatamenki – Myaamia Ribbonwork

Status: Complete, available.


  • Andrew J. Strack, Coordinator, Technology & Publications, Myaamia Center
  • Karen Baldwin
  • Dr. Alysia Fischer, Miami University
  • George Ironstrack, Assistant Director, Myaamia Center
  • Scott Shoemaker, Tribal Artisan

This publication has emerged from ongoing Myaamia community efforts in language and cultural revitalization.  When a culture reawakens, renewal can come in many forms.  As Myaamia ribbonwork artist Scott Shoemaker points out, ‘The art of ribbonwork and its reclamation is akin to the revitalization of our language; it is a language in and of itself and likewise requires community support and participation.”

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma recognizes its responsibility to help its citizens revitalize important skills that uniquely define the Miami as a tribal people.  The Myaamia Ribbonwork Project is part of an ongoing long-term effort to revitalize Myaamia language and culture.

Traditionally, ribbonwork would have been taught to one another by family members.  While this is still considered the best way to learn a skill, it is jot realistic for a community as dispersed as the Myaamia.

To address this, the Myaamia Center applied for and received a 2014-2016 Art Works grant #14-5500-7032 from the National Endowment for the Arts for a project titled myaamia peepankišaapiikahkia eehkwaatamenki – Myaamia Ribbonwork Project.  This project is focused on teaching the skills and sharing knowledge necessary for tribal members to revitalize the art of ribbonwork in the adult population of the community.  The skills are being taught through hands-on workshops, this publication, and online videos.

This project benefited greatly from the cooperation of several institutions that tribal members visited over the last several years.  A full list of these institutions can be found on page 82 of this publication.  A special thanks for the contributions these institutions provided.  For additional resources, visit

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