Myaamia Center Staff

Daryl Baldwin
Director, Myaamia Center
Acting Director, Cultural Ecology Office
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george_ironstrackGeorge Ironstrack
Assistant Director, Myaamia Center
Director, Education & Outreach Office
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Dr. David J. Costa
Director, Language Research Office
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Bobbe Burke
Coordinator, Miami Tribe Relations
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Jonathan M. Fox
Director, Communication & Publications Office
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elise_brauckmannElise Brauckmann
Administrative Assistant
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carole_katzCarole Katz
Language Document Transcriptionist
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Dr. Cameron Shriver
Postdoctoral Fellow
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Kristina Fox
Education & Outreach Assistant
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Faculty Affiliates

jonathan_levyDr. Jonathan Levy
Director of IES, Miami University
Associate Professor, Miami University
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Dr. Susan Mosley-Howard
Professor Emeritus, Miami University
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K12916 Dr Kate Rousmaniere Miami Matters Feature

Dr. Kate Rousmaniere
Professor – Social Foundations of Education, Miami University
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Dr. Douglas Troy
Professor Emeritus, Miami University
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