All publications and printed materials are sold and distributed by the Myaamia Center. All proceeds benefit the Myaamia Center directly, and provide funding for future projects.

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peepankišaapiikahkia eehkwaatamenki – Myaamia Ribbonwork

Learn the history, styles, and techniques of Myaamia Ribbonwork.

Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia

This provides teachers and home schooling families with a curriculum for teaching Myaamia (Miami Tribe) history to grades 3-12.

myaamia kiilhsooki -Myaamia Lunar Calendar

The lunar calendar used by the myaamia people, presented with Gregorian date comparisons and culturally revelent photography.

niiki – The Myaamia Home Learning app

niiki, or “my house”, is an app developed to aid the learning of common household terms.  Currently available for iOS and Android devices.

myaamiaatawaakani – The Myaamia Dictionary app

The Myaamia Dictionary app is able to search for any term in english or myaamia, browse the entire dictionary alphabetically, and submit requests for terms that might be missing.   Currently available for iOS and Android devices.





myaamiaki aancihsaaciki – Myaamia Removal Book

This publication tells the story of how the myaamia people were removed to Kansas, and later Oklahoma, from their traditional homelands in the lower Great Lakes region.

ašiihkiwi neehi kiišikwi – Earth and Sky Curriculum

Developed for teachers to help students better understand the world through the perspecteive of their myaamia culture.

myaamia neehi peewaalia aacimoona neehi aalhsoohkaana – Myaamia Storybook

The collected stories of the myaamiaki are found in this print publication.


myaamiaki iši meetohseeniwiciki – How the Miami People Live

Intended to recreate the experience of an exhbibit of the same name that was presented by Miami University in 2008, this booklet contains photos, quotes, and lectures.

Animal, Bird, and Insect Flashcards

These can be used by language learners of all ages to learn the myaamia names of animals, birds, and insects.

Myaamiaki Eemamwiciki: The Miami Awakening – Miami Language Film

This film attempts to capture the complexities of reclaiming a language from documentation for the myaamia people.

kaloolitiitaawi – Myaamia Phrase Book (Greetings)

Learn common myaamia greetings and related phrases.

myaamia neehi peewaalia kaloosioni mahsinaakani – Myaamia Dictionary

The printed dictionary of the Miami-Illinois language.

myaamia iilaataweenki – Miami is Spoken (Audio CD)

An assortment of terms, recorded as audio, organized by semantic domain, in the Miami-Illinois language.

myaamiaki piloohsaki amahsinaakanemawe iilaataweenki – Children’s Language Curriculum

An explanation and organization of terms useful for children’s language learning activities.

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