myaamiaki aancihsaaciki: A Cultural Exploration of the Myaamia Removal Route



Status: Complete, Available

  • George Strack, THPO, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
  • George Ironstrack, Asst. Director, Myaamia Project
  • Daryl Baldwin, Director, Myaamia Project
  • Kristina Fox, Myaamia Project (MU Undergrad)
  • Julie Olds, CRO, MIami Tribe of Oklahoma
  • Robbyn Abbitt, Miami University GIS Coordinator
  • Melissa Rinehart, Valdosta State University
  • Andrew J. Strack, Media Specialist, Myaamia Project

The book is available for download!

This book is a visual reference for Myaamia tribal members to reconnect with the history and experiences relating to the forced relocation of the Miami Nation from its ancestral homelands to Kansas in 1846.  A print version is available to purchase from the Myaamia Center. Visit our store for more information! The “Cultural Exploration of the Myaamia Removal” Route project was funded through a grant from the Department of Interior, National Park Service. The book is a product of the Cultural Resources Office of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and was published in Miami, OK.


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