myaamia neehi peewaalia aacimoona neehi aalhsoohkaana: Myaamia and Peoria Narratives and Winter Stories

storybookStatus: Available


  • Dr. David Costa – Miami Language Consultant
  • Daryl Baldwin – Director, Myaamia Project
  • Julie Olds – Cover Art
  • Pam Dean – Layout designer
  • Released in January 2011

This hardbound book is the first collection of native texts from the Myaamia and Peoria ever published. Of the forty-five texts it contains, sixteen are in English only, and twenty-nine are in the Myaamia, Peoria, or Wea dialects, with English translations. These texts were collected from several different people from the mid-1890’s through 1916, and include origin and culture hero stories, trickster stories (including several stories of Fox and Wolf), animal stories, biographical, auto-biographical and historical narratives, how-to stories, and Christian prayers.

Each tribal household recieved a storybook in the mail. The book is also available for purchase from the Myaamia Center. Visit our store to order! Please contact us with any questions!

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