myaamiaki piloohsaki amahsinaakanemawe iilaataweenki: Miami Children’s Book of Language

Status: Completed summer 2003

  • Catherine Johnson – Miami University student (curriculum author)
  • Gary Spencer – Miami University student (recording and production)
  • Daryl Baldwin – Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)
  • Jarrid Baldwin – Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)
  • Jessie Baldwin – Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)


During the summer of 2002 Miami Summer Scholars student Catherine Johnson worked with the Myaamia Project to help compile a collection of children’s Miami language activites. Over the years the Miami Tribe has used a variety of activities to teach children language. Some of these included games, songs, and objects to make and take home. This project was created out of the need to collect and organize these activities into an easy to follow curriculum for school and home use.

Included in this booklet are two CDs. One CD contains audio recordings covering all necessary language and the other with printable teaching aids. The booklet is designed for use either in a camp/classroom setting, or in the home with parent and child.  Visit the store to order a copy!

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