kaloolitiitaawi: A myaamia phrase book


  • Karen Baldwin – Author
  • Daryl Baldwin – Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (editor)
  • Dr. David Costa – Miami Language Consultant (editor)
  • Pam Dean – Layout designer
  • Julie Olds – Cover art

This series of Myaamia phrase booklets are produced for intermediate Myaamia language learners. These booklets are meant to be a practical and useful language learning resource for self-study or the home environment.  The booklets are intended to be most helpful for learners who have some familiarity with the language, but beginners should also find the series useful in addition to other language materials.

Each booklet contains a collection of short phrases and words based on everyday situations. Within each booklet are subcategories based on more specific situations divided into chapters. The phrases are random and not in any kind of order. Each phrase can be used individually with a variety of responses found anywhere in the booklet. Mix and match to the situation you are in. Flexibility is what we are aiming for.  In addition to the phrases, there are chapters with common commands, sample conversations, and a wordlist (glossary) at the very end.

These booklets are a great resource for anyone interested in advancing their language use for everyday conversation. Visit the store to order this publication!

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