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“niiki” – My Home –  iOS and Android app

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Status: Available

Updated Release – December 2013
Initial Release –  September 2012


  • Home Learning Kit 144x144Dr. Douglas Troy – Computer Science, Miami University
  • Student Programmers (v1) – Brian Thuma, Brandon Carter, Alexi Chow, Sean Hannon
  • Student Programmers (v2) – Dave Greiner and Burt Haworth
  • Daryl Baldwin – Director, Myaamia Center
  • George Ironstrack – Asst. Director, Myaamia Center
  • Andrew J. Strack – Technology and Publications Office, Myaamia Center
  • Karen Baldwin

Download the “niiki” app from Apple’s App store here!
Download the “niiki” app from the Google Play store here!



Print QR Codes and visit the web based version of the App here! Print on Avery Labels 5163 to stick around the house!


Learn Myaamia on your iPhone!

Niiki will bring Myaamia language to your fingertips. “Niiki” means “my home” in Myaamia, the language of Myaamia people. Niiki delivers over 80 sound files and example sentences for rooms throughout your home. Using QR Code Scanning or a Glossary, find entries for:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Outside

Works on all iOS and Android devices! For advanced users, turn off English text and test your Myaamia language knowledge!
Sound recordings by Daryl Baldwin, Director of the Myaamia Center. Photographs included in the app are by Andrew J. Strack and Karen Baldwin.

The original iOS app was developed in the 2011-12 academic year at Miami University by Dr. Douglas Troy’s CSE Capstone class. Student programmers were Brandon Carter, Alexi Chow, Sean Hannon, and Brian Thuma. The Myaamia Center partnered with Dr. Troy and his students to produce this wonderful tool for Myaamia language learners.

In 2013, another one of Dr. Troy’s capstone classes worked with the Myaamia Center to update the app and create an Android OS version.  Dave Greiner and Burt Haworth were the student programmers who successfully completed this project.  They also created a tool that can be used by other groups working in language revitalization to remove Myaamia language resources and insert other language resources.

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