Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia

Telling our Story: The Living History of the Myaamia provides teachers and home schooling families with a curriculum for teaching Myaamia (Miami Tribe) history to grades 3-12.  The curriculum includes primary sources, images, videos, and lesson plans, which are all linked to the relevant content standards for Ohio, Indiana, and Oklahoma.

As a whole, the six sections of this curriculum address Myaamia history beginning with the pre-contact period (pre-1600s) and concluding with contemporary issues.  This curriculum is a living document and more lessons will be added over time.  Be sure to check back regularly!

Watch Molly Uline-Olmstead’s presentation at the 2014 Myaamiaki Conference to learn more about the process in which this resource was created, and how to navigate the website.

Please email or call, with questions or comments, George Ironstrack at the Myaamia Center at Miami University.


  1. Is this available in hard copy or only as a download?

    • Myaamia Center Admin

      Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia is currently only available as a web page, but many sections of the page do have PDF resources available for download.

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