Mission & Statement of Purpose

Advancing the research needs of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma with a focus on myaamia language, culture, and history.

Created in 2001, the Center is a tribal initiative located within an academic environment to advance the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s language and cultural revitalization efforts.

The Myaamia Center has two main purposes. The first is to conduct in-depth research to assist tribal educational initiatives aimed at the preservation of language and culture. This research is used to create a wide range of educational models and materials for community language and cultural programs.

The second purpose is to expose undergraduate and graduate students at Miami University to tribal efforts in language and cultural revitalization. Student experiences are gained through a wide range of activities including visits to Oklahoma, direct involvement in research initiatives, class visitations by Center staff, and access to Miami Tribe language and cultural resources.

The Myaamia Center is directly supported by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. Anyone committed to helping perpetuate Miami language and culture for future generations is welcome to participate.